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TENRYU-Dependable, Precision Saw Blades

For the finest saw blades in the world, look no further than TENRYU. TENRYU is known around the globe as the premier manufacturer of quality saw blades. Satisfied customers attest to the reliable performance of TENRYU saw blades worldwide.

TENRYU America, Inc. distributes saw blades in the Americas for TENRYU Saw Manufacturing Company, Ltd. with five manufacturing facilities, TENRYU is Japan fs leading maker of industrial carbide-tipped saw blades.

TENRYU makes over 3,000 different types of carbide blades for woodworking, metalworking, plastic cutting and machining other composite materials.

TENRYU blends high-tech scientific techniques with old-world craftsmanship to ensure that its saw blades are unsurpassed in design and workmanship.

Designed for Ultimate Performance

Sound design is the foundation of TENRYU fs high quality saw blades. To produce blades that give the finest cuts, our designers consider the material that will be cut, the type of machine that will be used for the cut and the desired outcome.

Individual Attention Given to Every Blade

Creating a TENRYU saw blade involves at least 40 separate processes that are executed by the most knowledgeable and experienced saw blade makers in world. While produced in large quantity, every blade gets individual attention during production.

Only the Finest Steel Will Do

TENRYU uses only the very best steel in its quality blades. Incoming steel lots go through a host of inspections such as tests for consistency, tensile strength and hardness. Each lot must fall within a specified tolerance or it is not accepted. This means TENRYU suppliers must be especially careful manufacturing the steel to ensure quality.

Before production begins, every bit of steel is earmarked for a particular type of blade with specific instructions for each individual production plan. The blades are then blueprinted for the entire production run and coded so computers can track them from point one to final inspection.

Precision Plate Cutting, Hardening and Grinding Processes

TENRYU uses laser on high-end blades to incorporate thin-gap expansion slots. All TENRYU plates are hardened to at least 40 HRC so they can withstand heavy loads and continue working with excellent results.

All plates are guaranteed to be flat. TENRYU fs proprietary flattening and surface grinding processes ensure plates that are distortion free and have uniform thickness.

Hand Craftsmanship Assures Proper Tensioning

Hammering is a special craft that is learned only through years of experience, Much like ancient swordsmiths, the saw doctors at TENRYU fs factory are artisans. After the saw doctor determines the appropriate tensioning for the blades application, he will use special hammers to level and tension. The plate leaves his hands flat and true and within tolerance or run-out and balance.

Each Tooth Honed to a Mirror Finish

The TENRYU grinding process is a painstaking one. Each tooth is perfectly honed. Proprietary cooling methods assist with creating mirror-like finishes on the carbide teeth. This results in reduced micro-chipping along the cutting edge- thus a sharper, keener edge.